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Wanda Group's international strategy consulting team helps to provides objective, high impact strategic advice and analytical services, helping to support our clients in crucial business decisions at all stages of their business' lifecycle. Unlike most consulting firms, Wanda Group provides a hands-on approach where the firm shares in our clients' risk with more aggressive and disruptive projects and solutions. Wanda Group’s team is further strengthened by our vast network of industry professionals where in addition to the smarts of our teams, we're able to access feedback on ideas and when necessary, reality checks. Wanda Group prides itself on providing clients not just inventive solutions, but practical ones - strategies that won't fall apart in the face of performance and commercial realities.

Wanda Group, Your High Professional Partner !

Wanda Group helps our clients set their strategic direction, develop global capabilities, and connect their organization to realize the full potential of today's opportunities. Helping clients grow faster than the market is what we do best.


A new CEO of a global e-commerce and entertainment business brought us on to help support the development of the current leadership team. The team consisted of both veterans and new members who were struggling to come together as a cohesive team. The CEO had plans to launch an ambitious plan to reposition the business strategically and transform the company’s ways of working together. The immediate need was to ensure that the team would come together quickly so that it could focus on an ambitious 12-month plan to reignite growth and stay ahead of an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Our team began by administering an individual 360 assessment of the CEO, including a proprietary team coherence survey so that he could get an accurate sense of his individual development opportunities as well as the key areas of focus for the team. Our findings revealed a team, although conditioned to wait for direction, was one that is reluctant to take initiative and control over their destiny. This presented immediate problems for the new strategy and culture, as it was imperative that the team and organization move to a much more cross-functional way of working together.

Following our assessment, we began coaching the CEO in one on one individual sessions to address the areas of opportunity for leadership. Each quarter, we facilitated the team in a 2-day offsite during which we focused on increasing team cohesiveness and effectiveness, and helped facilitate the team in crafting a new purpose-driven strategy and culture. The work resulted in a repositioning of the business, a major global acquisition, and a financial turnaround of the business in the first year over year growth in over three years.